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Four Seasons Spa

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How wonderful it would be get all beauty and body soothing treatment under one roof? Four Seasons Spa offers wide range of beauty treatment and massages. Following is the list of some of the services offered by Seasons Spa:


Vippe Extesions

Medical treatments


Facial treatments

Manicure / Nail design



body treatments

Eyelashes & Bryn

Treatments for pregnant / breast-feeding

Permanent Eyeliner

Lighter Permanent Make Up


These are the some of the treatment and services offered. There is a team of highly qualified beauticians to perform these services. Our beauty artists are amazing at their skills and they are an exquisite designer of makeup and gives careful attention to every detail. Personality and vibrant excitement of beauticians at Seasons Spa creates an energized atmosphere that you cannot help but marvel at. They are sweet, encouraging and just as passionate as you are about whatever you are preparing for.


Vippe Extensions : Nothing is more seductive than beautiful draped eyelids that give a very special glimpse of the eye. But what do you do when you are not born with such lashes? Maskara, tilting and tilting rooms have long been the only options for achieving long thick lashes, but finally, something actually gives you the expression you want - tilt extensions!With us you can get the lashes you've always dreamed of lasting for weeks!


Medical treatments: Various medical beauty treatment related to Botox are being offered by us and these are being performed by our one of finest artist in the industry. They have master this art time to time to give you the perfect desire result what you are looking for with your any side effects.


Massage: When it comes to relaxing and getting positive energy back to the body we think of a soothing massage.  Stiff and stolejust looking for a wonderfully relaxing experience? Treat yourself to a massage!We offer a wide range of massage treatments to meet your every need. Our skilled therapists have great expertise in the subject and will customize the massage according to your wishes to make the most of your treatment. There are multiple massage packages to choose from as per your need at our massage center. We have special discount packages for couples.   
Facial treatments:  CLASSICAL ANCY:The treatment starts with a skin analysis by the customer. Including cleaning, peeling, toner, cream mask adapted to the customer's skin type, as well as the formation of brow and waxing of the upper lip. Deep: This is a thorough cleansing of the top skin layer. In the treatment, we use special products and associated special techniques. Deep Disease is the removal of dead skin cells, comedones, powders in pores, milieus, black dots and acne / acne. Including molding of the brow and waxing of the upper lip. Many more facial treatments available in seasons spa to cater your need and get you the best result out of it for a long duration. Four Seasons spa is the best in the industry starting from Microblading, beauty treatment and massages.  

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